About Us

SupplyQuick™ is Nigeria’s largest online construction material shop. We launched in February, 2018 and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission March 2019. We are largely involved in the supply of construction materials for ongoing projects across Nigeria in a manner that have revolutionized the way the entire system works; making the once cumbersome and stressful process of ordering materials to site very easy and flexible.

With SupplyQuick the long days of hailing a regular supplier, placing a number of calls to track your supplies, settling for frequent disappointments as a norm and expecting the worst are now gone. We have brought the market to your palms. With a few clicks on your mobile device, you can order and pay for all the materials you need to complete your project in a full swoop or at your own pace and they will be delivered to your site as soon as you need them. Our robust partnership with Costify means you can now get FREE material schedule for your entire project when you shop with us. Our logistic relationship with Haulify and Overdrive means quick delivery is ensured.

As a Project Owner, Contractor Developers, you can now concentrate fully on your site work while we take care of your supplies. As your first-class procurement partner, we offer LOWEST PRICES, BEST QUALITY AND QUICK DELIVERY. Our 30-ton is 30-ton and we only sell durable items.

We have a strong return and full-refund policy, zero-tolerance for manipulations, a reliable order-tracking model and run a 24/7 customer service because we care about you. Our response rate is instant as our eyes are constantly glued to our mail and other channels of engagement so that you can be well attended to.

We always love your feedbacks and if you would like to find out more about us, write us via ask@supplyquick.ng  

Thank you for shopping with us!